📢Tendencies in DeFi world

💰Total capitalization of the DeFi market is $122,356,273,616 and TVL is $142,038,685,403.

The top tokens in terms of capitalization belong to the projects offering yield farming: Uniswap, MakerDAO, Compound, Curve, Pancakeswap, and others.

🌌Ethereum is still the main blockchain for DeFi applications, but the emergence of Uniswap caused network congestion, which made transaction costs very high. This contributes to the development of other blockchains with more favorable terms of interaction. For example, the number of new users on the Polygon blockchain increased by 496%, while the daily turnover raised by 288% at the beginning of 2021.

🎮Growing segments of the sector are games and NFT. Besides, more and more projects offer the opportunity to generate income from staking and yield farming.

DeFi is getting closer to people offering various financial tools available to everyone on the planet.

All these fit into the concept of our project since we make education accessible and attract investors, which anyone in our community can become🚀