🚨🚨The start of the fifth epoch!🚨🚨

Dear friends! We can`t stop bringing you delight and rewarding you for the support you give to the project: so we are starting the fifth epoch of the DISCIPLINA LP-reward program tomorrow!

💥💰The epoch will last for 21 days with a prize fund of 20 000 USDT.

Those who participated in the previous epoch move to the fifth automatically. If you did not take part before and want to join the program, click this link: https://farming.disciplina.io/

💚A guide on how to participate: https://dscpl.medium.com/this-tutorial-explains-how-to-participate-in-the-dscpl-lp-farming-program-with-the-usdt-reward-fund-94cd1a7a7ad3 
The sooner you join the program, the bigger reward you receive.

💜All the results of previous epochs with corresponding outstanding APY are available by the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OGQrIqOtETWJT5Reiba4PqVuxKstIPoBZZSAqMaF4WI/edit#gid=1201485550