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This tutorial explains how to participate in the DSCPL-LP farming program with the USDT reward fund.
1. First, you have to get DSCPL-LP tokens on your address. You can get them by adding liquidity to the DSCPL-USDT pool on the Pancake Swap:
a. Link to the add liquidity page:

b. You must have DSCPL and USDT on your address. Choose the amount of the DSCPL and USDT you want to add to the pool:

c. After amounts would be сhosen, click on the Supply button to proceed:

d. Now make the final approval, click Confirm Supply to get to the next step:

e. Now you must sign a transaction and send it to the network. Click the Transfer button to go ahead:

f. Transaction submitted. You will see receipt in the green hover message. Your DSCPL LP-tokens are transferred to your address.

2. Go to the farming program website:
* Beware of scammers: don’t provide your tokens to the untrusted websites. The DSCPL LP Program is available only at the official DISCIPLINA website. Check domain name twice!
3. Now you must stake your DSCPL-LP tokens to the LP-reward program smart contract.
To do this choose amount of the DSCPL-LP tokens you want to deposit and do the Approve action:

4. After the transaction will be confirmed by the BSC network you will see the second transaction. By second transaction tokens will be deposited to DSCPL LP-reward program smart contract:

5. Congratulations! You’ve just deposited your DSCPL-LP tokens to farming program.
You can follow up your stake in the Claim tab.
After the end of each epoch, you can claim back your DSCPL-LP tokens and gained reward. If you would not claim your deposit, it would participate in the program for the next epoch automatically, no additional actions needed.

1. After the claim, the reward would be transferred on the participant’s address in BSC network.
2. The reward is distributed among all the participants proportionally to the time they spend in the current epoch and to the stake amount.
3. If the user does not claim his deposit, the deposit would be automatically transferred over to the next epoch. Rewards are accumulating.
4. Each epoch lasts for 14 days. The next epoch starts automatically after the end of the previous one.
5. All users can make their DSCPL LP tokens deposits at any time during the epoch. Earlier the deposit is done, the bigger would be the reward.
6. While participating, DSCPL LP tokens are not locked, thus, users can claim them at any time. However, the reward would be distributed among those who would participate in the full epoch. As a result, withdrawing tokens during the epoch would reset the user’s reward for the current epoch to zero.




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