🔥This week DISCIPLINA has launched the first epoch of the LP-reward program with a reward fund in USDT.

Briefly about this and other news - read on.

🚩LP-reward program
The first epoch of the LP-reward program with a reward fund of 10 000 USDT started! All DSCPL LP-token holders are welcome to take part in our program. To start participating visit the page https://farming.disciplina.io/ and stake your DSCPL LP-tokens.

All the rewards from our USDT fund would be automatically distributed after each 14-days epoch among all the participants proportionally to their stake sizes and time they spent participating in the program. 
Click the link below for a tutorial on how to participate in the LP-reward program: https://link.medium.com/VodCqfUkWhb

Where DSCPL token is listed
If you strive to participate in the LP-reward program but got no DSCPL tokens, here is the list of exchanges to buy them:
The link to buy DSCPL tokens: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xdECE0F6864c1511369ae2c30B90Db9f5fe92832c
Besides, you may receive DSCPL LP-tokens, for this, you should add liquidity to the Pancakeswap pool: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/add/0xdECE0F6864c1511369ae2c30B90Db9f5fe92832c/0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955
The link to buy DSCPL: https://www.bhex.com/en-us/exchange/DSCPL/USDT
🔺Xtheta Global
The link to buy DSCPL: https://www.xthetaglobal.com/en-us/exchange/DSCPL/USDT
I represent an educational institution and want to start working with you, so how can I reach you to discuss issues? 
If you are willing to use DISCIPLINA in your project, email us hello@disciplina.io. And we will give you more information about our further cooperation.

Are there any certificates and licenses at DISCIPLINA?
DISCIPLINA complies with the requirements of CryptoSec in accordance with Cyber Security Standard and Smart Contract Security. And besides, smart contracts audit reports by Rock’n’Block and Quantstamp.

💥Stay with us and keep checking for the news and updates on DISCIPLINA!💥

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