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💎DISCIPLINA features

📗Recruiting and education

The Educator App — the application for storing student data in the blockchain, is now available, and a similar application for students will be released soon. Thus, recruiters have the opportunity to use tools for finding suitable employees and convenient sorting on our blockchain.

Educator App link:

📚DSCPL — single means of payment

We have introduced our DSCPL token into the ecosystem to make transactions between blockchain users easier.

📚LP programs

We are eager to motivate our community to promote and expand our project, so we have developed a program to reward the community. To take part, you only need to have DSCPL tokens and LP-tokens.

The link to join:

Also we prepared a tutorial, explains how to participate in the DSCPL LP program:


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🛡Secure token

Rock’n’Block, Quantstamp, CryptoSec audited our smart contracts.


Can I still take part in the LP-reward program❓❓

Yes, the program is still ongoing, and if you want to participate, click the link:

You will find a guide on how to participate there.

How to buy DSCPL tokens on Pancakeswap❓❓

We shot the video guide on how to buy DSCPL on Pancakeswap:

The address of smart contract: 0xdECE0F6864c1511369ae2c30B90Db9f5fe92832c

How much can I earn in the LP program❓❓

The size of rewards depends on how long you participate in the program, the number of participants, and the staking size.

Check out the results of previous epochs:

Each epoch — one of the lists:

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