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🚨🚨The start of the fifth epoch of the DISCIPLINA LP program!🚨🚨

The fifth epoch of the DISCIPLINA LP program has started this week.

💰📅The epoch will last for 21 days with a prize fund of 20 000 USDT.

To take part follow this link:

Here is a guide on how to participate:

📍🔥The first epoch of the APYS/DSPL LP program goes on

The first epoch of the program passed halfway and you still can join it.

🔹To participate in the program, click the link:

🔹A guide on how to participate:

You should have APYS and DSCPL tokens. Both tokens are available on Pancakeswap, read the guide on how to buy them.

💎🕕The first epoch will last for 2 weeks with a prize fund of 10 000 USDT.


The DISCIPLINA founder Ilya Nikiforov participated in APYS Talks.

Talking with the Chief Marketing Officer at APYSwap Foundation, Dmytro Semonov, Ilya told about how he came up with the idea to create DISCIPLINA and spoke about his background, the current problems on the market, the project`s work, and the LP program with APYSwap.

Watch the full video on APYSwap Youtube channel:

✨Market tendency

🔺Lifelong education

Lifelong education means any learning activity that happens after formal education has been completed. In the next three years, 54% of companies will require applicants to improve their professional skills.

🔺Move to eLearning

It makes education accessible to anyone, making it flexible, convenient, and personalized while allowing teachers to reach a larger audience than offline.

🔺The use of VR and AR

Using virtual reality and augmented reality helps increase engagement in education. Thus, a student moves from the passive role of observer and listener to the active participant.

🔺The use of AI

Artificial intelligence makes education convenient, fast, interesting, and personalized. Such tools like chatbots, interactive interfaces, voice assistants, assessment tools, personalization are common nowadays.

🔺Big Data

Educational institutions collect and analyze various student data which helps improve connection and interaction with students.

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