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Recall the main events of the week.

📍Useful links to know about trends in educational market x fintech

🔺Ed Technology
This resource publishes EdTech news, opinions, and announcements of events from the entire education sector, including primary and secondary schools, continuing education, and higher education institutions.
🔺The Economic Times
This publishing covers international economic news, in particular the news on EdTech and FinTech.
🔺EdTech Digest
Here you will find everything about EdTech: news, trends, interviews, lists, events, overviews on practical tools, and even humor.


The company provides cybersecurity and prevents hacker attacks. It ensures users’ data and money safety.
The company deployed our smart contracts, which you can check out on our website.
Lumi is one of the safest, reliable, and convenient non-custodial crypto wallets we recommend as a non-custodial storage solution for DSCPL tokens.
ApySwap is a protocol for cross-chain decentralized exchange for projects running on a blockchain. With such a partner, Disciplina will become available for anyone.

📍New LP program is coming soon!
Together with our partner APYSwap Foundation, we have developed the new special LP program for you!

🔥APYSwap offers cross-chain solutions and tools, allowing users to conveniently use services running on Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, HECO, Tezos, Solana, and others blockchains.

Thanks to this collaboration, the DISCIPLINA blockchain becomes available to any market participant.

🔶To participate in new LP-program, you will need to stake Pancakeswap (APYS/DSCPL) LP tokens.
All the important links and the prize fund will be announced later. Don’t hesitate, the prize fund will be really impressive!

📍DISCIPLINA application
We are happy to inform we launched most of our apps! From now, Faucet, Block explorer, Educator App, Validator are available.

Check out our Medium https://dscpl.medium.com/welcome-to-the-disciplina-application-82f1833939e5 for links to the apps, options, and guides on their use.

Join DISCIPLINA on Medium and stay tuned to our news.




DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.

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