📢Weekly report

1 min readNov 5, 2021


Let’s briefly recall the main news on this week

📗Education and profitability: combined by DISCIPLINA

The platform provides an additional benefit for academic institutions and tutors to earn money.

Recruiters and companies looking for employees are on the other side of the education sector.

Educational institutions and teachers provide recruiters with data concerning a student’s academic and work achievements. It’s a win-win for everyone: institutions earn money, students get jobs, and recruiters get good specialists.


We appreciate our partners. They helped to make the DISCIPLINA platform more user-friendly, safe and contributed to a positive user experience.

We appreciate APYSwap, HAPI, Rock’n’Block, Lumi cooperation. 🤝

If you want to use the DISCIPLINA blockchain in your project, feel free to email us, we will be more than happy to cooperate: hello@disciplina.io

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We keep on monitoring our community growth!

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DISCIPLINA — the first blockchain to create verified personal profiles based on academic and professional achievements.