🔥Welcome to the DISCIPLINA application!

2 min readAug 26, 2021

We're glad to share the good news - most features of the DISCIPLINA app are already available to try! And now briefly about currently working apps from our ecosystem.



You are welcome to begin your investigation by trying DISCIPLINA Faucet.

The Faucet lets you to create the test wallet and to claim test DISCIPLINA coins. Feel free to click on create a wallet, copy your address and claim coins on it. Just after you would see your transaction in DISCIPLINA Blockexplorer.

📌Block explorer


All the transactions could be tracked in the DISCIPLINA Block explorer. Feel free to check how DISCIPLINA issues blocks and track your transactions!

📌Educator App


An application for educational institutions to sign up and upload data of students. After logging in, the educational institution can create the CV of the Student and upload it to the blockchain. Just after that CV could be downloaded and be validated in the special DISCIPLINA Validator app.

For all educational institutions who wish to get early bird access, please, contact us at hello@disciplina.io regarding the registration.



An app that lets users verify their CVs. To check how Validator works you may download the validated CV. After the upload of the PDF to Validator you would see whether the CV matches the one stored in the blockchain. Moreover, each CV contains a QR-code that leads you to the document from the blockchain.

📍Here is an example.

We prepared for you 1 CV that was validated in the blockchain. Feel free to download it from


Now go to the Validator app: https://validator.disciplina.io/?lang=EN and

Feel free to upload the CV and get the validation result.

You also can try to validate the CV with edits. Try to edit the original one and get the Invalid status! For instance, you can use the same CV but edited from here: https://www.disciplina.io/johninvalid.pdf

You may also pay attention on the QR-code that would lead you to the version that is stored in the blockchain.

Check out our app and if you have any questions, email us!
Stay tuned to get announcements of the next applications. They are coming very soon!💥🔥




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