🔵Why is it important to provide liquidity?🔵

1 min readFeb 9, 2022


Pancakeswap DSCPL LP Pools guide

Liquidity pools are a fundamental part of the DeFi ecosystem. They are basically pools of funds (tokens) locked in smart contracts that provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges.

🚩Providers are the key mechanism of AMMs' functioning. Users lend the platform their assets for other people to trade with. In return, lenders earn a commission % for each transaction.

All DSCPL token holders can do exactly that, and it’s very easy! Here’s how to do it:

🔷Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap
🔷Go to "Liquidity" page (Trade —> Liquidity)
🔷Press "+ Add Liquidity" to create new pair
🔷Add DSCPL token using BSC contract address:
🔷Select second token (we suggest USDT)
🔷Choose the number of tokens you wish to add to one half of the pair - the other will autofill
🔷Confirm the transaction for both tokens

Congratulations, you are good to go!🚀




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