DSCPL token provides a convenient and fast platform operation.
DSCPL is a means of payment in applications running on the DISCIPLINA blockchain.

🚩What are the advantages of tokenization, and why do we tokenize?

🚀Tokenization is a convenient and fast way for students to pay for the services of an educational institution or teacher, bypassing banks services. Users don`t need to provide any documents, and it is enough to have DSCPL tokens.
🚀Smart contracts ensure secure transactions regardless of externalities 
🚀Minters receive rewards in DSCPL tokens proportionally to the volume of DSCPL tokens on their balance.
🚀The technical pool of tokens ensures the decentralization of the DISCIPLINA platform. The structure of the technical pool does not allow emerging large holders that could control the operation of the platform.

Tokenization is aimed to make the DISCIPLINA platform convenient and safe while providing the community significance when working on the platform.